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Distinctive signs


The Trademarks are those distinctive signs which essential function is to identify the products and/or services offered by a merchant, from the products and services offered by his competitors in the market.

VERA ABOGADOS consultancy ranges from the creation of the trademark and the search of precedents to establish the viability of the registration, up to the culmination of the process before the competent entity; in addition to the protection of the right during the validity of the trademark

Commercial Slogans

The Commercial Slogans are words, groups of words or legends that contribute to the commercial and advertising strengthening of the products and services identified by a trademark.

In this case, VERA ABOGADOS’s juridical consultancy is identical to the one that it renders on the subject of trademarks.

Commercial Names or Signs

Commercial Names or Signs is any sign that manages to individualize and to differ from one’s competitors to whom it exercises certain economic activity and to one’s establishments of commerce.

VERA ABOGADOS consultancy comprehends the precedents search in the matter and the suitable protection of such distinctive signs, bearing in mind its complex juridical handling.

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